Friday, August 15, 2014

family | beach session

Our annual summer trip to Hilton Head Island with my parents and my sister’s family was a celebration this year.  For several weeks in February and March we all felt certain that this trip was unlikely to happen, or would be vastly different—although, at the time, our vacation was certainly low on the list of priorities…I admit, however, that I did think about it (read more about my sister’s medical emergency that changed our lives forever here).  If you’ve either followed the story, just read my last post, or know us, you that we experienced a true miracle and that my sister not only survived 70 minutes of cardiac arrest (read a more in-depth post about the events of that day on my personal blog here) but came out on the other side (about a week or more later) completely herself.  Yes, she’s amazing.  So, all that said, it did not escape us on our week-long vacation together that we had so much for which to be thankful.  To document this special reunion, we had a little photo session on the beach of the grandparents and grandkids, cousins, my sister’s beautiful family, and all of us.  My sister’s youngest, Ivy, was also just past 6-months old so we captured a few more images of her to mark the milestone.

{my sister and her beautiful family}