Sunday, December 15, 2013

ivy | charlotte lifestyle newborn photographer

Pure sweetness.  That’s the only way to describe my new niece.  Welcome to the family, Ivy.  We’re so excited that you joined us—a wonderful “blessing” to my sister and her husband who already have three boys, ages 11, 8, and 6.  Just know, Ivy, that we have a very important rule for all kids in the family: you’re not allowed to grow up too fast.  My own 9-year-old daughter, who literally held Ivy for hours upon meeting her, said to me offhand, “Mom, when Ivy’s my age I’ll be going off to college.”  And if I didn’t start sobbing right there…

Saturday, December 14, 2013

the b family | charlotte family photographer

One of my absolute favorite families…In fact, one of my family’s absolute favorite families.  My son would seriously let them adopt him if the option presented itself.  Actually, maybe I would, too.  They’re fun, loving, generous, full of energy, and just a joy to be around.  Not to mention gorgeous.  All of that usually makes my job a piece of cake, but when you’re photographing the family of amazing photographer Brooke Brown, well, it’s easy to overthink things.  Lucky for me, the light was beautiful, the setting was lovely, and the smiles were ready—plus, this crew always makes things fun.

Monday, November 4, 2013

the l family | charlotte family photographer

This is my third fall photographing this beautiful and fun family.  Three things I can always count on each year: 1) the twins admire big brother so much and want to be as near to him as possible; 2) dad is apparently hilarious behind me; and, 3) I’d better be ready to move—I fondly remember years ago chasing down two crawling babes through the fall leaves to get those perfect shots of smiling faces.  It’s always a kid-lead adventure that by the end of each session we’re honestly not quite sure what the images have captured, but, never fail, we always end up with some of my favorites of the year.  There’s no denying the love and joy this family shares.  And that’s what I hope every family can reveal in front of the camera.  It’s just an extra-added bonus that our session is during my favorite season of the year.  Happy fall!  

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

my kids | charlotte family photographer

It’s not often anymore that I take portraits of my own children.  I mean, sure, I get the camera out for soccer games and swim meets, vacations and holidays, and any other event in our lives.  But, it has been far too long since I orchestrated a photo session for my own kids, the sweet faces of whom inspired me to become a better photographer in the first place.  On a beautiful fall evening, I thought I’d capture a few images for our holiday cards and scout a new location at the same time.  These images are pure joy to me and—not only that—they are a reminder that I shouldn’t let so much time pass again between portrait shots of these two (well, three—our pup, Gator, cooperated for a few).  My first thought when I got the images on to my computer was that Ella and Jack look like teenagers!  Not really, but at age 8 and 9 I definitely think they’re at a very special age where at one moment I’m not certain I’m ready for how mature they are, while the next I notice how round their sweet cheeks are and thank God they’re still so young. Love.these.faces.